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Welcome to our portal website which connects you to the information you need for the November elections. Here you'll find links to:

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It’s not too late to register to vote. It’s not too late to educate yourself about the issues. We hope you find the site useful. And please be sure to vote on Tuesday November 4th!

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Meet The Democratic Candidatess

Find the candidate who speaks for you. And vote!

Congressional Candidates

U.S. Congress, District 49
Robert "Bob" Hamilton

U.S. Congress, District 50
Nick Leibham

U.S. Congress, District 51
Bob Filner

U.S. Congress, District 52
Michael Lumpkin

U.S. Congress, District 53
Susan Davis




State and Local Candidates


Important Dates

October 6
Vote-by-mail ballots are issued

October 20
Last day to register to vote

October 31
Last day to send in a vote-by-mail ballot

November 4
Election Day


September 26: Presidential debate with foreign policy focus
Watch it here >>

October 2: Vice Presidential debate
Watch it here >>

October 7: Presidential debate in a town hall format
Watch it here >>

October 15: Presidential debate with domestic policy focus
Watch it here >>

Each debate will begin at 9pm eastern, 6pm pacific time and last for 90 minutes. They will be aired on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX. CNN, MSNBC, and many others.

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